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Are you ready to protect your biggest asset?

Time to take a breather……..Now that you’ve closed escrow, moved in and gotten used to your new lifestyle, YEAH!

What next?    It’s time to think about protecting your future and protecting that lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard for. Do you know what your biggest asset is?   It is not that great new home, it is your future earning potential.


What happens to your lifestyle if you become seriously ill or die?   If you have the ‘traditional/old style’ or ‘group’ life insurance through your work, it will only be a benefit to your family if you die.  But with today’s advancements in medicine and emergency response, there is a REALLY good chance that if you get a critical illness, you’ll live (yeah, that’s great news!)   But what about the loss of income and the increase in bills while you recover?  Will your employer be able to hold your job for you during this crisis?  Will your income/disability support your lifestyle?


Did you know that over 55% of bankruptcies and foreclosures occur today as a result of the financial hardship incurred as a result of a critical medical illness.    Chances are that you are hearing this for the 1st time.    That is OK.,

There is help.   Let the 5 Rings Financial team educate you on how we can protect you and your lifestyle with our innovative, progressive financial planning tools.

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